The watch I currently wear (Nov-2020): Seiko LordMatic 5206-6130

The watch I currently wear (Nov-2020): Seiko LordMatic 5206-6130

Background information

The Seiko LordMatic 5206-6130 appeared in the 1973 Seiko catalog. The watch exists in two variants: With a white (270) and with a dark (272) dial. Both of them use a stainless steel strap and cost 21.000 yen. To put he price into perspective, a LordMatic 5606-7190 cost 17.000 yen and a King Seiko 5226-6000 35.000 yen. The Daini factory manufactured the watch model from 1972 to 1973 . This particular watch was produced in September 1972. The 5206-6130 was one of the few Lord Matic watches with a 5200 stream movement and a Tanaka Grammar of Design appearance. LordMatic models with a 5200 stream movement are marked with a Special label on the dial.

Seiko LordMatic 5206-6130

Why is it special?

Similar to other 5200 stream classic Tanaka models this watch is small, even smaller than other dress watches of that time period. For some it is too small, but I’m a fan of the small size. All LordMatic Special models use the 8bps high beat 5200 movement stream. The watch possesses a classic Seiko dress watch dial with larger second marks used also on Chronograph models (e.g., the King Seiko 5226-6000 or King Seiko 5626-7400). The second marks give the watch a technical appeal. The dial lacks the officially certified text of the Chronograph model dials, which results in a clean elegant look. And of course it is special because this watch is among the rarer Lord Matic variants, only offered in a single year. I like the sound of how the 52 stream models tick.

Seiko LordMatic 5206-6130 side view

Where did I buy it?

I was lucky and found one on eBay Germany for 161 Euro. I’m sure you can find it cheaper on Yahoo Japan, e.g., using the Jauce platform. However, this specific model is difficult to find. You may get it cheap if you’re lucky to find one, as it is currently not on the radar of many collectors. You may call it a hidden gem of Seiko watches.

Seiko LordMatic 5206-6130 other perspective

Technical details

Property Value
Manufacture Seiko Lord Matic
Model 5206-6130
Movement Automatic
Calibre 5206
Jewels 25
Complications Day/Date
Dial Silver Sunburst
Case material Stainless steel
Case dimensions (WxHxT) 36.8mm x 38.8mm x 8.6mm
Lugs 18mm
Bracelet Hirsch Kansas (brown)
Crystal # 285V03GNS
Production date September 1972

Seiko LordMatic movement back


Seiko LordMatic movement

The watch was cleaned and maintained this year. I managed to regulate it to an accuracy that doesn’t require to adjust the time, ever. The movement stays within +5s/-5s. I admit this involves cheating. In different orientations the watch gains or looses time. In the evening I compare against an accurate time source and store the watch over night in an orientation to compensate for the time difference. It works!

Seiko LordMatic 5206-6130 TimeGrapher


Seiko LordMatic flat

This watch is a example for a classic Tanaka style Seiko dress watch, especially if you appreciate smaller watches. The watch uses the high-end 52 stream automatic movement, and can be regulated to chronometer grade accuracy. It is affordable, yet difficult to find. I want to mention one disadvantage: The crystal is hard to find NOS (New old stock), even in Japan. This crystal is also used in the King Seiko 5246-6000 models. Better try to find a watch with a good crystal from the beginning.

Impressions of watch