The watch I currently wear (Jan-2021): Seiko LordMatic 5606-7191

The watch I currently wear (Jan-2021): Seiko LordMatic 5606-7191

Background information

The 7191 is the second Tanaka style LordMatic watch manufactured by the Suwa factory. The previous model 7190 had a monolithic case. The 7191 looks identical but uses a screw back case and has no parts in common. The design is similar to Tanaka style King Seikos of this period from Suwa, with an elegant dial and clean lines. Seiko offered the 7191 model from 1972 to 1974 in multiple variations. Apart from the classic sunburst dress watch dial (420) there exists a light gray (421), a shaded green gray (428), and a silver linen texture and Roman numbers (480) dial. The dress watch dial is available in a gold plated case (420 SGP). There is a sportier version with dark blue (554), black (556), or shaded green (557) dial. Those models cost less and used the 23 jewel movement in stead of the 25 jewel variant. In 1974 Seiko added two more variants with cut glass crystal: A white (810) and a shaded green with King Seiko VANAC alike appearance (816). All models come with a stainless steel strap. In 1974 this watch cost between 17000yen for the standard stainless steel dress watch up to 21500yen for the gold plated version.

Seiko LordMatic 5606-7191

Why is it special?

To me the 5606-7191 represents the epitome of an affordable Tanaka style dress watch. The watch has a reasonable size and looks elegant and classic, especially if paired with a leather strap. The build quality is stellar and the crystal gives it a precious appearance. The watch was produced with a variety of dials. The Seiko watches after 1974 in my opinion have not the same standard in manufacturing quality. In contrast to multiple vintage Seiko watches of the time this model is available for a reasonable price, including spare parts (gaskets and the crystal). I admire this model so much that I own four of them.

Seiko LordMatic 5606-7191 alternate view

Where did I buy it?

I purchased the watch in August 2020 for 195 Euro from a German seller on eBay.

Technical details

Property Value
Manufacture Seiko Lord Matic
Model 5606-7191
Movement Automatic
Calibre 5606 6bps
Jewels 25
Complications Day/Date
Dial Silver Sunburst
Dial Diameter 30 mm
Case material Stainless steel
Case dimensions (WxHxT) 38mm x 41mm x 10mm
Lugs 18mm
Bracelet Di-Modell Orlando ( dark brown)
Crystal # 300V48GNS
Production date February 1973

The 7190 and 7191 look similar, but don’t share many parts. The 7190 uses the rare and expensive 300V16GNS crystal, while the 7191 uses the easier to find 300V48GNS crystal. 56 stream models exhibit a flaw in the material used for the day/date quickset mechanics. Due to this in many of those models the day/date quickset doesn’t work and my watch is no exception.

Seiko LordMatic 5606-7191 back view


Seiko LordMatic 5606-7191 movement

The watch wasn’t serviced yet. It runs reasonably well, but the variation in different orientations is too large.

Seiko LordMatic 5606-7191 TimeGrapher


Seiko LordMatic 5606-7191 front view

The 7191 model is a great pick if you search for a Tanaka style LordMatic dress watch. The watch and its parts are available and affordable. The size of the watch is just right and the build quality is great. It possesses a screw back case which allows for easy maintenance. The integrated crystal with inner ring looks better than the flatter crystal used in the 5606-8030 successor model.